Boston's Original Year Lasting Roses

Meet the founders: Nadezhda and Brandon Saliba

"We want our year lasting roses to bring warmth and happiness to all of your homes and workplaces."

Nadezhda and Brandon Saliba have been married since 2020. Nadezhda, is a Bulgarian born, entrepreneur who came to the United States with an idea. Real roses that last a year. Bulgaria, the land of roses, is where the inspiration for the idea came from. Brandon, an entrepreneurial mind and a graduate from UMASS Lowell, loved the idea. This is where "Espoir Boston" began. Since 2021, the couple turned their passion for roses into a lifestyle. Their love for the city of Boston, led to two consecutive years at Seaport Holiday Market.

High quality roses, that last a year.

Espoir Boston, specializes in high quality year lasting roses arrangements that can be customized aswell. Every product it created with love and care. Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We make sure every arrangment is delivered with the utmost quality.

Our mission

Let’s express who are you, what is your mission, what is unique selling point of your business to increase reliability as well as impress customer

Guaranteed to last a year

Espoir's roses are grown to peak beauty and then preserved to last a year.

Scented with rose oil

All of the roses are scented with rose oil. The scent last 2-4 months longer than a traditional roses' scent.

Perfect for home décor.

Great for adding a pop of color to any room or workstation.

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