Photo Gallery

Take a look at how our customers like to decorate after their purchase!

Here at Espoir, we know how important it is to actually see what your item is going to look like. Whether it be a custom order, the look of the rose on the table, or even with items in the storage drawers, we want you to be comfortable knowing that your order is the highest quality. We pay high attention to detail and care to make sure every customer is satisfied. No matter what. Here you can see below some examples of our items in some real situations! 

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*Placed at the center of the TV stand for all to admire

 *Custom Bridesmaids Order

*Custom Happy Birthday Arrangement for the coffee table!


*By the fire place to give off every type of cozy vibe

*This customer placed the Five Rose Arrangement at the kitchen corner. When ever a pot of tea is boiling or hot cocoa is brewing, these beauties are there to elevate the mood.

*The Nine Rose Arrangement for storage and to look at! Place by your makeup station!


*Custom order for a newborn

*Collect them all and make your room a sight to see

*Custom Engagement order

Elegantly place your roses around some wine